Saturday, May 3, 2014

reduced to memory {on a stick}

{blogging, photograph files and a deadly yogurt drink}

What seems like a lifetime ago,
our youngest daughter was using my laptop
to play music so she and a friend could practice a routine.
Then came the news.
"Mom? Mom! I need a cleaning towel and the spray bleach!"
I thought it was just another spill 
or even a 'pet accident' on the carpet.
We had a houseful of company 
{I was distracted}
and so she went to work cleaning up unsaid mess...
After attempting to fix the mess of a thick gooey yogurt drink
that had emptied on the keyboard... 
we decided that we needed a professional goo remover
{the computer repair, tech guy}
Weeks later, after sending hundreds of my photos, 
blogging tool and etsy listing device,  I mean my computer
 off to the hospital or to that techy guy,
my husband walked in the front door with a little
stick.  I mean little.
That's it? Gone? ugh.

So I now have a new, yogurt free, photo storage device,
 blogging and etsy listing tool, I mean laptop!

The photo above of my father's white horse 
is just one that I transferred from my instagram {photo file tool}.
I'm thinking that I should get to work and put that print 
on canvas to list in my etsy boutique. I think it's beautiful.

Other scenes from Dad's farm:

{Lily and Jake}

{Jake, Chloe's favorite}

{My husband and our youngest son enjoying guns and nature}

{My desk, a salvage from Dad's shed}


See you next time!
Hopefully it won't be so long. ;]


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mud Pies and Tiaras

{my china cabinet}

Mud Pies and Tiaras

I have a good friend who said to me
"That picture.  That's it. that is who you are.
That is what to write about."

I love to tell stories,
not because I'm so important.
Or want to be narcissistic. 
But to be real and encourage others.

{To En Courage}

I'm fine tuning.

We'll see.

Happy weekend!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

a quote {in due season}

 I read a quote recently.



It was one of those "Yes, that's where I'm at summarized"
type of quotes that resonates with your thoughts and emotions 
and helps to reinforce, redirect and focus your will. 
 The words that you make into 
a wall hanging or make your screen saver.

{my newest screen saver}

There is always something or someone
telling me how to spend, yes spend time.
Time is a lot like money.
I can use it to invest wisely or I can waste.
I can spend it on me or I can give it away.
Depends on my priority grid, I guess.
I have heard "When are you gonna get a job?"
off and on for years from a couple of particular
well meaning individuals...
(may or may not be relatives)

I told my husband the other day that the next time
someone asks me that 
I think I may just punch them in the nose.
But I really can't do that.
I have had carpel tunnel like symptoms in my wrist
and hand so I might hurt myself...   ')
(disclaimer: for those who may not know me... 
I'm, kind of, kidding)

We all decide in our own lives, what's important.
We establish priorities based on what we value.
No right or wrong here.
Just different.

I am really not an expert on anything in particular,
but I do love to learn and then live with intention.
I found a little piece of information and wrote it down
inside the cover of my planner/calendar years ago
that has served to be helpful.
It goes like this:

Establishing Priorities/ Family Values
1.  Am I passionate about this?
2.  Does it fit my/our values?
3.  How will this affect my marriage? my children?

Only I can answer that for me.
Only you can answer that for you.
I love that!
I also love that this grid simplifies and clarifies
values and priorities,
 eliminating the lethargy of indecision, confusion and chaos. 
Or at least gives a beginner's road map to help navigate
a more peaceful and orderly life. 

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thoughts, Oatmeal and Grandpa...

Oatmeal and Grandpa

I spent this morning catching up on housework
that got a bit out of control 
from taking an afternoon away to the lake.
(but so worth it!)
All the kids, plus four friends, 
are volunteering this week at a friend's church
to be group leaders at Vacation Bible School.
So after dropping off a truck load of smiling kids
(well, most of them...the ones with their eyes open anyway)
and husband to their designated places of responsibility,
I came back home and got to work.

After I finished the massive mountain of dishes
I decided to take a breakfast break.
(I'm not a breakfast person)
"What sounds good?" I wondered.
With strawberries.
And almonds.
And maybe even a banana.

I always think of Grandpa when I eat oatmeal.

{photo taken with my I pad... After breakfast, actually, just for the visual. 
Sorry, no banana. I ate the last one
and the peel in the trash can didn't seem to...photogenic}

As I sat and ate my breakfast my thoughts settled on Grandpa.
And I thought of all the times he would feed me and my two older sisters and younger brother on our way to school.
Grandpa passed away two years ago.
Every one knew him a bit differently.
To four kids, he was Dad.
To Grandma he was Edward Charles, her husband of 70 + years.
To me, he was the one who called me Peanut
and gave me attention.
He gave me Oreos and black licorice, my buddy as a child.
And just like any other friend and family gathering,
whether wedding or funeral, 
stories were shared at Grandpa's funeral.
and I looked down at my bowl of oatmeal.
The strawberries were quite ripe when I added them
to the mixture of fruit and almonds.  
They were almost bitter, sort of like dehydrated fruit might taste.
And I thought of some of the stories that I heard 
at Grandpa's funeral.
Nothing to horribly terrible.
Just a bit obnoxious and surprising, to say the least...

{Overly ripe, almost tart and bitter strawberries}

We all see what we want to see in certain situations.
I needed a hero.
I looked for it in Grandpa.
We all remember what we choose to remember.
And then my thought turned towards how 
God sees us.
And how He forgets when we ask His forgiveness.
In fact, there is a sea named after this.
It's called the Sea of Forgetfulness.
He even spans the horizon with 'remembering no more'
in a statement when He says he forgives
as far as the east if from the west.

Like the bitterness of the almost dehydrating strawberries
in my oatmeal,
so can all my failures, mistakes and disappointments
season my perspective of myself or those around me.

My phone is ringing!
Kids are out of VBS!

A reminder to: 
Believe the best.
Seek forgiveness.
and Dream again.


Friday, April 19, 2013


junktique 427

 Hello everyone!
I have been away awhile...
My husband needed my laptop...
For about 5 months...
And my IPad doesn't work as well 
for some things... :|
So I have Instagramed... A lot.

Just an update:
I am opening an online store
featuring Revolution Style...
{just a new fancy marketing name 
that someone came up with
to describe what we have known as
shabby, vintage, treasure hunting, thrifting,
attending auctions and flea markets, etc.}

I am also reorganizing my much neglected blogs.
Happy spring!  
Or whatever season is upon you 
in your part of the world!

See you all soon!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's been awhile...

I'll be back soon.


quieting down {so I can hear}

{my spinning weather vane}

If this weather vane was symbolic
 of my time and attention
I think it might be spinning out of orbit by now.  
{don't judge me here, I really am trying}

And so for a moment,
 I purpose to sit still and quiet my heart.
I go to a quiet room.
I sit down and then...

Then the dog barks.
One of the kids wants a haircut.
The cat jumps on my lap and spills my coffee.
Another child {teenager} wants an energy drink
from the gas station down the street. "Please, Mom?" 
Deliver 'energy drink bad for you' speech 438th time.
Husband wants me to go work out with him at the gym. 
I need to pay 3 bills today.
Home school curriculum needs handed out for the week
and 4th grader needs her baton at school.
Oldest daughter wants to tell me all about her new job! {yay!}
I need to prepare a devotional for a group of young mom's...
 for tomorrow morning.
Then the to do list of errands pops into my swirling mind.
Then the dog is barking again.
I think I'm over the flu...?
It's church night, what's for dinner?
{I'm really not exaggerating}
Then as I sit at my quiet desk 
a family member comes into room, leans over my shoulder
and asks "Whatcha doin?" 
as they chomp on a mouth full of almonds.
{I really, really don't like eating sounds}

So I just smile...

I am not whining or trying to evoke sympathy.
Just keepin it real.
If any one reads this and is encouraged
mission accomplished.

My Planner
(hey, I have one)

Mom's quiet bench.

(I found this old post in a long list of drafts and thought I'd go ahead and publish)


Saturday, December 1, 2012

barn wood, white paint and a prayer

 { J O Y }

The weather 
was nice and warm the other day.
Perfect for getting outside to trim a few trees.
{Not because they needed it}
It's just that long bunches of fresh pine and spruce branches are 
perfectly enough
as decor, abundant in our yard and they are free! 
I planned on making the usual yearly arrangements 
for each of the 8 windows on the front of our house
when I got side tracked.
As I was cleaning off our wrap around porch
I noticed 2 large pieces of barn wood that I've had 
'just sitting' around waiting for the right inspiration...

"What can I do with those?" I wondered again.

"I love the wood but what should I do with it?"
{I had a wreath of pink berries hanging on them at the time-not so Christmasey}

Then I saw 
in my mind.

{All you impulsively creative types, you know exactly what I'm talking about}

Get out the white paint.
Then the red paint.
Forget the drop cloth!
Inspiration has hit!  Move fast!

  And I went to {creative} work.

I know.
These few pictures are a bit dark,
but if you look closely on the white shelves
you can see a horizontal sign:
in red letters.

Our family room has this corner 
where everything is a bit rustic 
and sort of woodsy.
I'm thinking that 
J O Y 
goes perfect there.

Actually, it goes perfectly everywhere...

"Joy to the World.
The Lord has come!
Let Earth receive her King..."

I love that song.

{It's almost a prayer. An admonition calling for a response}

I got out my collection of old hymnals
to find Joy To the World...

I put the hymnal in the tree 
just to take a picture...

I think I found a new but very old
favorite Christmas tree decoration, too.

The signs are listed for sale in my etsy boutique:

Have an inspired weekend!

J O Y to you!


{images thewhitechair}


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

simple {a beautiful collection}

{Simple Beauty}

a bare branch

golden candlelight

a peaceful space to breath

clear reflections

inspired collections

functional structures

Until next time,


{images: tumblr}

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

perfectly {imperfect}

Love at first sight...

Some would look at this table 
and see junk...

I saw it as a desk 
positioned perfectly 
in the center of a cozy  little office
{for me!}
with a white and burlap french chair 
pulled up to it, ready for business.
One wall, a black chalkboard,
and the other walls washed in an aged 
gray and taupe chippy patina...
The back wall would house the vintage hutch
that I've admired for years at my sister's house.
{that she asked if I wanted since she was moving}
After the hutch's treatment of a color change,
{it's red, like but not love}
it will hold books and 'ingredients' 
for further inspiration.
Burlap curtains to shield unsightly supplies
on the existing shelves,
a warm fuzzy rug,
{I have the perfect one in storage!}
and to top it all off,
a chandelier.
Can't wait!
I am surprised at my own giddiness over 
this little project and have realized...
I've never had
 my own room.
Except for the nursery at the hospital...
likely not even then.
{It was a very, very small town}

This adorable table was just collecting dust
over in the quiet corner 
of an abandoned little shack
on my father's farm.

Instant {imperfectly} perfect inspiration.

Usually, when I do projects like this
I just dive in and get it done.
Then think 
"I should have taken before pictures."
This time I am.
I'll post them when I'm finished.
I'll be back.

{Clara's Pathway}
Photo taken at the end of our street.

Hope you can 
get out and enjoy 
this beautiful time of year!


Monday, September 10, 2012

{ quiet } valuable

"How many times have you noticed
that it's the quiet moments
in the midst of life
that seem to give the rest
extra-special meaning?"

The World According To Mr. Rogers


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

lovely laundry {?}

{laundry and loveliness}
(Can those two words even go together?)

Oh! Hello!

Just caught me thinking here...

My husband and I had coffee this morning
and we try to touch base and pray together early in the day
especially when he's out and about.

This was his view as he sipped his Starbucks:

{New York City.  I'm not jealous. I'm not jealous... love New York.}

And this was my view:

 {Not New York City.  My view similar to this anyway... 
This photo was taken a few months ago at the local laundromat after our clothes dryer died. don't love.}

While having a.m. coffee he asked me the normal 
 conversational questions like:
"What do you have planned for today?"

Thinking out loud here:
Let's see...
I have one that I am homeschooling,
two that get out of school early,
one college student that would appreciate
 a haircut before he has to go to work, then class...
 one that gets picked up at 3 p.m.
and one home with a fever ...(?)
{for you counting, that's just 6}


That was my answer.

"Laundry" I said to my traveling, fine dining,
Starbucks sippin husband, 
as I took a sip of my Maxwell House.  :] 
{I used to buy a $5.00 bag of shrimp at Walmart and make Scampi while he was gone 
to make myself feel better about the eating out thing... :] }

Have you heard of 'Strengths Finder?'
'Living Your Strengths'

It's a Gallup Press book written 
to help people dis cover 
{yes, I did that on purpose}
talents and gifts.

Well, I took the test
and it was confirmed: I am a list person.
Task driven and creative.
I like to see what I've accomplished.
It's difficult for me to pace through a project.
I prefer to just get it done and move on
 to the next thing.
Strengths Finders tests results tell me that
I am strong in:
*Strategic *Input *Focus *Woo *Responsibility

Which brings complete sanity to me
as to why 'laundry'
{can be such a dirty word}
has always been such a... challenge to me.

{Belle being her helpful self. Yes. Cat on laundry.}

It's not getting the stains out,
washing, drying or folding, 
or even helping to re-organize
 kid's drawers 
or closets to have each person put it away
 that feels like wading through thick mud 
with swimming fins attached to my feet.

{You don't want to know... let's just say makin laundry}

It's that it's so... ongoing.

I cannot check it off a list, ever.

It returns to my list, almost hourly.
Over and over and over.
{I'm not whining.  Or complaining. Really.
Just saying, to validate and just being real}

When I was in junior high
we had some drop-in company
and to my horror
{insert screetching sounds}
My step-mother panicked 
and had us grab all
the dirty dishes and shove them 
into the oven.
"Hurry!  They'll see them!"
Like it was a horrible disease 
or something.

{Child of mine helping with breakfast}

I didn't get it.
I thought maybe she was going to
set the oven on 'CLEAN' and burn the dishes
to clean them, but there were plastic glasses?
{Dad has remarried since then, so no, it's not Joan-
she would have had us do the dishes!}

I have since learned that some people 
will hide dirty laundry, too.

I don't dare do that.
{I'd get so far behind!}

I have this photo saved on my computer.
I am so glad that I still have it.

{Trying to be ok with lots of laundry}

 Newborn baby.
{Child #6}

Husband brought up 
all clean unfolded laundry 
before he had to leave for work.
Two and four year old daughters
 saw the pile
and had a great idea to play
'King of the Hill'
and then roll down the mountain.

Then 'light bulb.'

"Honey, would you grab the camera?"

If you can't beat it. {laundry}
Make a lounge chair out of it, right?

Complete with coffee,
newborn, toddler, and pre-schooler.

{one of my sweet little laundry making machines}

I figure with almost 25 years of marriage
and 6 children and may as well throw in all the pets, 
 they are often major contributors, too...
5 loads/week for 2 years 
{before children}
15 loads/week for 23 years
{average with children}
18,720 loads of laundry.
I'd like to take this opportunity
to publicly thank my washers and dryers.
"Plural?" you may ask.
"Yes, it took a village."

That doesn't count the 35 loads that I had to do 
in  three days the time a little girl 
with an infestation of lice :|
played with our daughters all summer long
before we discovered our little house guests...
but don't tell anyone.

That's a secret.


Maybe that's one of those
"Hurry, hide the dishes" type issues.

{Caught trying out some new hair 'gel' on baby brother
and I still have no idea what was being flushed down the toilet by other child in photo}

Sometimes, life can just be that way.

Well... no.

Most of the time, life is just that way.

Just sayin
and please don't judge.
I do my best.


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